Best Witcher 3 cosplay tutorials on YouTube

Here are few cosplay tutorials for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Since its release, The Witcher 3 has gotten a number of brilliantly done cosplays. For those gamers out there interested in doing a Witcher 3 cosplay, the following tutorials will be sure to help you in your cause.

Ciri by Miranda Hedman

This tutorial is fantastic. Not only does Hedman walk you through the process step-by-step, but she also uses relatively inexpensive products which makes this cosplay a bit easier on the wallet. For Ciri's scars, Hedman uses an easy technique that has the best payoff. She uses collodion, which tightens and wrinkles your skin to appear scarred.

This is a better alternative to using liquid latex, since Ciri's scars are fairly shallow, and latex can get bulky and is difficult (especially for beginners) to blend into your own skin.

Geralt by Jordan Hanz

This transformation may be the most impressive I've seen. Like Hedman, Hanz goes step-by-step through the tutorial. The main focus of this tutorial is the age makeup. Hanz uses contouring and highlighting to reshape her face to look more like Geralt, wrinkles, scars and all.

The contouring technique is also another alternative to using latex for scars. This can be a little bit difficult for those less artistically inclined, but if you take it slow, pausing the video at each step, you should end up looking quite a bit like Geralt.

DIY Prop Tutorial by Keevanski (Be sure to activate the subtitles!)

Keevankski has a few different cosplay tutorials on her channel for The Witcher 3. She did a Geralt makeup tutorial along with a tutorial for his armor. Though the tutorial she made for Geralt's medallion is a cut above the rest. In this 2-part video tutorial, Keevanski walks you through how she uses clay to mold the medallion. If you plan to make the medallion, suggest you go slow and have a good reference. When sculpting with clay it's important that you think in basic shapes.

I hope these tutorials help you with your future cosplays. If you know of any useful tutorials for The Witcher 3, please post links to them in the comments. As always, best of luck.

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Published Jun. 29th 2015

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