PS4 Slim reviewer receives hate and abuse

PS4 Slim reviewer, Laura Kate Dale, receives huge amounts of hate, abuse, and accusations of lying.

Former editor of Destructoid UK Laura Kate Dale, yesterday reviewed and uploaded an unboxing video of the PS4 Slim. Sony is yet to announce the console's existence officially. This has led to many claims of Dale lying, along with unnecessary, hate and abuse.

How did Dale get the console?

At the beginning of the review, Dale explains how the console was obtained. A retail store manager sold the unit on eBay. The retail manager claims that while they broke street date, they did not steal the stock.

In the review, it states that Dale does not own the reviewed unit. Presumably, the console was given to review by a friend who bought it from the retail store manager on Ebay. Dale claims that since reviewing the console, it has been returned to its owner.

The messenger gets shot again

As with anything that is unofficially announced in the video game industry these days, Dale has received plenty of abuse since the review and video. First being called a liar, despite both the review and video showing the console is real.

The second form of abuse being fired is concerning gender with Dale being transgender. Then you have people making insulting remarks about Dale's residence from the unboxing video, along with a manner of others. It is far from the first time we have seen this behavior.

Similar behavior took place recently after the announcement of Final Fantasy XV being delayed by two months. Many claiming that Jason Schreier of Kotaku lied and should lose his job, due to it not officially being announced by Square Enix at the time.

The repulsive side of the internet

Laura Kate Dale is no stranger to controversy and more than able to handle it. Never the less it isn't something video game journalists should not have to deal with. Many have shown support to Dale, but the fact that so many are quick to abuse and declare someone a liar is quite disgusting. 

(Crude language is used in this image. View with discretion)

Time and time again, journalists have reported news or a review on a product yet to be officially announced by its creator. Often a few days to a week later, the official announcement is made. Cases like this do happen where journalists get news and products well before companies are ready to announce them.

It matters not, however, as there is always the repulsive side of the internet. Whether something is real or not, if they have an excuse to abuse, they will. As a video game journalist, no matter who or where you are, there is always the possibility of dealing with such ignorance.

Yes, the PlayStation 4 Slim has not been officially announced by Sony. There is, however, nothing to state that Dale's review or video unboxing of the console is fake or a lie. From watching the video myself, I have no doubts about the product being official.


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Published Sep. 2nd 2016

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