Everyone's Invited to Party with Bungie for the Destiny Launch

Party with Bungie for the Destiny Launch!!

With the impending release of Bungie's newest mega cross-platform hit Destiny, fans in the Bellevue, Washington area will invited to party with the staff at their studios in celebration of the release.

On September 8th, one day before the game’s official release, the Bellevue office of Bungie will be opening its doors to allow fans to come and see where the magic is created.  The first three hundred attendees are likely to receive an exclusive tour of the offices.  According to the Bungie website, “the first thousand people in line won’t leave empty-handed”.

Bungie’s office in Seattle. The banners feature locations and characters (like the Vex) from Destiny: John Keatley

Bungie’s office in Seattle. The banners feature locations and characters (like the Vex) from Destiny
(Credit: John Keatley)

It’s been fourteen years between the release of the Halo series and Destiny.  Since that time, Bungie has had record breaking success.  More than hundred billion minutes of Halo have been played by millions of people online.  With the release of Destiny it looks like they are on the road to repeat their success.

This is an impressive public relations stunt for the studio.  Having the Destiny fans party with developers creates a closer bond between the designers and the gamers that enjoy their product

If you happened to be in the area, the event runs from 12:00 PM to 5:00PM in Bellevue. More information is available via Bungie.net.


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Published Sep. 7th 2014

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