Top 10 best strategy games of 2015

8. Blood Bowl 2

Released: September 22, 2015
Developer: Cyanide
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Blood Bowl 2 is a fantasy version of American football and the PC version of the famous two-player turn-based board game Blood Bowl by Games Workshop that involves the characters from the Warhammer universe.

The original Blood Bowl was released in 2009 and since then the developers have significantly upgraded graphics and made a big step toward attracting new players by introducing a training mode with the plot. The game has a total of eight races to choose from and an excellent PvP multiplayer mode.

The gameplay is fairly simple: you need to manage players and try to score as many touchdowns as you can. On top of that, you are allowed to hit and kill your opponents on the field, bribe judges, etc. Each of the playable races has its own attitude and tactics .

The developers promise to add more new races, fix errors, and generally support the project for a long time. Blood Bowl 2 is a unique game - you will either fall in love with it and become a huge fan, or absolutely reject the unusual gameplay mechanics. It’s a niche product and that is why it is so valuable to its core audience.

Published Dec. 13th 2015

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