New Screenshots of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of First Sin Revealed

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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is coming, and with it, lots more opportunities to die. With more dragons, slugs, frost giants, and evil knights to fight, a lot of exciting things are to come. To help get everyone revved up for the DLC's upcoming April 7th release, here are some screenshots!

"Dammit, I knew I forgot to turn the oven off..." Steve told himself, as the castle went up in flames.

Just some Kill La Kill cosplayers getting super into LARPing. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

In case you were beginning to think Dark Souls 2 wasn't still focused on PvP... you were wrong! As this screen shows, you will still have plenty of opportunities to horrible die at the hands of cruel trolls.

Oh no! We've tunneled so hard we ended up in a cave from Risen 2: Dark Waters! Beware the stun-locking crabs!

We interrupt these screenshots of Dark Souls 2 to present The Nightmare Before Christmas. "This is Halloween! This is Halloween!"

Wait, so the invader has a sword...scythe. How do you even use that? You'd cut yourself before you would kill anyone!

Wait... I remember this... this was in the Dark Souls 2 server beta. This isn't new. They're reusing level assets now? Seriously? Guys am I being punked here?

Some lucky invader out there managed to find an actual downvote-shaped hammer.

Cages... cages everywhere... there's a metaphor in this... or maybe just they had some spare bamboo in the From Software studio garden. Either way, put that torch out!

Ant Bully 2: Spider Spout's Revenge, coming to a theater near you!

Published Mar. 18th 2015

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