Battlefield 4 Seems To Be Getting Fixed...Finally

A new program from DICE intends to fix Battlefield 4

On May 9th, DICE opened the Community Test Environment (CTE), which is a closed testing program for the games new patches. The CTE will allow DICE to rapidly test patches under the games actual conditions, instead of having to release them for 5 different platforms only to find that it may have caused more problems.

There are countless bugs and issues with Battlefield 4 but the more potent ones revolve around something called Netcode, which is basically a miscommunication between the players computer and the game's servers.

While playing Battlefield 4, I have experienced a few bugs, some that are just outright obnoxious. For instance the one hit kill bug, which for some odd reason counts a single bullet twice at certain distances. There is also the infamous curve the bullet bug, which is by far the most frustrating. Nothing is more infuriating than being safely behind cover and having a bullet curve around cover and smack you in the face.

It seems a lot of these problems are due to a low tickrate, which is how many times the game updates the positions of bullets and counts damage. Battlefield 4 has a tickrate of 10Hz, or 10 times a second, but thankfully the first CTE update has raised this tickrate to 30Hz. 

As of now the CTE is only available to PC players with Battlefield Premium and has limited openings. No release date has been announced for when updates will go live, but hopefully we will get them soon.


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Published May. 17th 2014

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