Blizzcon 2013 Talent Contest!

Got Blizzard Talent? Then Start Showing Off!

Come one, come all! Prepare yourself for an exciting time at this years Blizzcon! It seems that Blizzard is revealing yet another contest to go alongside their Movie and Original Art contests. 

What Is This Contest About?

It seems that Blizzard is offering a lucky winner the chance to walk their talented self onto their live stage and show off! Whatever talent you have that relates to any Blizzard game, from music to comedy, and more! Bring it! 

How Do I Participate?

Well that's easy! Here's the skinny on what Blizzard has to say:

To be considered, you’ll need to create a 2-minute video of you (or your band, troupe, or what have you) performing your Blizzard-themed talent, post it on YouTube, and submit a link (or if you’re part of a troupe, have your troupe’s spokesperson upload it). Below are some examples of the kind of acts we have in mind.

Remember, what follows are just some ideas and guidelines. We know you have skills we haven’t even dreamed of, so surprise us! We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing you in action.

  • Drama! Re-enact a scene or monologue from a Blizzard game
  • Comedy! Make us laugh Blizzard-inspired stand-up or sketch comedy
  • Music! Perform an instrumental or vocal cover of a Blizzard song, or write and perform your own original composition
  • Dance! Come up with an original dance routines set to Blizzard music or original Blizzard-themed compositions 

Do you have what it takes? Can you bring your A game, and shine in your armor fashioned after the archangel Tyreal? Can you dominate the world better than Sarah Kerrigan? 

Head on over to Blizzard, and sign up!

Published Jul. 10th 2013

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