Kickstarter To Be Available in Canada This Summer

Kickstarter to allow Canadians to post projects later this summer.

Kickstarter, an American based fund-raising platform for independent creatives, will soon be available to Canadians. The news was broken to the public via their official twitter channel. Right now, as it stands, Canadians can only fund projects if they have a bank account that is situated in the United States. According to the launch page for Canada, this new feature to be able to launch projects of their own is coming later this summer.

The Kickstarter Canadian launch page allows users to submit their email address and the category of the project that they are interesting in funding. From there, Kickstarter will be emailing to let the user know when everything is set and ready to roll. Want to sign up? Just go to the Kickstarter Canadian launch page.

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform for independent creatives to fund their projects in fields such as:

  • films,
  • games,
  • music,
  • design, and
  • technology.

As long as your project meets their guidelines, anyone is able to launch a project for help in bringing their idea to life. People who back projects are rewarded by the project owners through the various levels of rewards for how much the backers donate. Currently, only users based in the US and the UK over the age of 18 can create projects on Kickstarter.

Published Jun. 27th 2013

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