Is Grand Theft Auto V Coming Out Earlier on PS4?

Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4 is rumored to be coming out two weeks early, but there's reasons why it shouldn't be believed.

PlayStation 4 could be getting Grand Theft Auto V earlier than expected, but all signs point to a probable mistake in an international PlayStation Network listing.

The European PSN store apparently had the release date of November 4th, 2014, set for Grand Theft Auto V and a number of preorder bonuses. screencapped two pictures showing the release date of the game and preorder bonuses in the store before noting that the listing has been taken down.

No bonuses were clarified; outside of a preorder cash bonus, there was just a multiplayer preorder bonus and two digital preorder bonuses.

Listed date could involve preorder bonuses

As cool as it would be to see GTA V released a few weeks earlier than expected, this looks like an obvious error. In fact, there is a link to the date that was posted.

Looking at the PSN store in North America, the game is still listed to come out on November 18th. On November 3rd, the preorder bonus to get an extra $300,000 in multiplayer expires. That expiration date is one day prior to the release date rumored above.

Perhaps what went up on the European PSN store was a placeholder for bonus content that wasn't supposed to go up until that date. Maybe there will be other pre-order content that will be posted after that date before it comes out in North America.

It's all just speculation, but you can check this rumor off as highly doubtful.

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Published Oct. 8th 2014

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