Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void patch 3.1.0 has been released

Starcraft II's patch 3.1.0 brings more bug fixes, new multiplayer modes, and a new Allied Commanders character and map

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void has just received patch 3.1.0, and with it comes a trickle of new content, as well as a couple more bug fixes left over from 3.0.

The bug fixes address things like some saving errors, the activity window preventing interaction with the login dialog, and several other minor tweaks. Other general changes include a new "Archon Co-Op VS A.I." in the Game Variants dialog, as well as an improvement in document limits for Arcade authors.

There has also been a filter option added to the Arcade which will allow users to search through games by name, genre, or game mode when searching for active lobbies.

karax now in starcraft 2 allied commanders

However, the biggest news today is the addition of Karax to the Allied Commanders roster. Karax is the Phasesmith from Legacy of the Void's campaign mode, and serves as an experienced player variant of Artanis.

Unlike Artanis, Karax's play style revolves around the more expensive units in the Protoss army, including (but not limited to): Immortals, Colossi, Mirages, and Carriers. He also has access to buildings such as the Starcraft: Brood War Shield Battery, and the Legacy of the Void campaign's Khaydarin Monolith. His Spear of Adun abilities

His Spear of Adun abilities are also quite similar to Artanis's, albeit with slight modifications that allow for more controlled bursts instead of a set energy cost.

lock and load full map starcraft 2 allied commanders

Released alongside Karax is the Lock & Load Allied Commanders map that will feature a scenario similar to that of the Temple of Unification campaign mission from Legacy of the Void. This mission allegedly requires actual cooperation as opposed to simply holding out like in previous missions, so make sure you communicate this time around!

That's it for the patch notes highlights this time around. If you want to browse through a more detailed version of the notes, you can find the official blog post here. I'll be working hard at grinding a few Karax levels so that I can cover Karax in an upcoming guide. In the meantime, you can brush up on your Allied Commander know-how in the meantime with this guide.

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Published Dec. 16th 2015

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