Project Giant Robot Still in Development for Wii U

Project Giant Robot is still in development for Wii U according to Nintendo Financial Reports

Project Giant Robot, a game announced in E3 2014 by Shigeru Miyamoto, is still in development, according to Nintendo's 2nd quarter financial results. The title is listed in Nintendo's release schedule without a specific date.

Project Giant Robot allows us to fight with fully customizable robots in big, destructible arenas. The gamepad is used as the robot's cockpit, similar to Star Fox Zero, and each limb is controlled by one button or stick. Our goal is to eliminate our enemies and knock over other robots.

The gameplay shown in E3 2014 presented us with a game still in early development. Nintendo remains silent on the issue, even when the game it still included in their plans. We will have to wait more to see the state of Project Giant Robot.

Project Giant Robot was presented alongside Project Guard, which ended up being Star Fox Guard, a game developed by Platinum Games in conjunction with Star Fox Zero.


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Published Oct. 26th 2016

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