Hideo Kojima releases his final Metal Gear trailer!

We take a look at the final Metal Gear trailer directed by Hideo Kojima!

This morning, Hideo Kojima, the man behind the story for every Metal Gear game since the debut title, released his final trailer for his final game in the franchise. The video is a tear jerker to say the least for any fan of the Metal Gear series. Hideo Kojima punches us in the gut with nostalgia.

The first half of the trailer contains clips of every gut-wrenching moment of the series with a new song titled "Quiet's Theme" playing over it. This makes us question her fate in the game as the song is a newer version of the song originally sung by Donna Burke in the E3 2013 trailer that is now sung by Quiet's model Stefanie Joosten. We also see a clip of Big Boss walking through a hallway as he morphs into the man he has become in The Phantom Pain and slowly fade into a sillouhette of the game's antagonist, Skullface.

We also see a clip of a new Metal Gear that resembles something out of Pacific Rim. Standing menacingly tall with a sword,  this will indeed be a powerful -- if it is a boss fight in the game. This trailer left us sitting in anticipation even more than we already were as The Phantom Pain is only six days away! 

Published Aug. 25th 2015

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