Telltale Games Release Episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Season Two

Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman announce the highly-anticipated fifth episode of the second season of their popular video game The Walking Dead is ready for play. If you played the first season? It's time to continue the story of Clementine, a young, vulnerable girl struggling to survive in a world gone mad.

Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman, the Emmy award-winning writer, director and producer of the hit television series AMC's The Walking Dead, announced recently the fifth episode of season two, "No Going Back", of their popular video game based on the show is ready for play. You can watch the official trailer here.

"No Going Back" is available for play on your PC and Mac, the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America, and the Xbox 360. Gamers looking for a PC or Mac edition can find it at the Telltale Online Store and Steam. PlayStation 3 and PS Vita players can buy the game on the PlayStation Network, while people looking for the Xbox 360 edition can find it at the Xbox Games Store.

Mobile gamers looking to play "No Going Back" on a compatible iOS device can buy an edition starting Thursday, August 28 at the App Store. To this point no information on which iOS devices are compatible with the mobile version of the game is available.

Telltale Games also announced the complete first season of The Walking Dead the video game will arrive later in the fall for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, unless there are delays in development.

"No Going Back" has already drawn high praise from reviewers in the interactive entertainment industry. If you played season one of Telltale Games The Walking Dead? "No Going Back" takes up the tale of Clementine where it left off. A young, vulnerable girl left to survive in a world gone mad at the beginning of the tale, she fights against both the living and undead in situations designed to allow players to make their own choices, and thus determine their own fate.

Telltale Games video game The Walking Dead has sold over 33 million copies around the world and has received over 90 Game of the Year awards. Having played the first season and the first four episodes of season two, I can tell you the story line is emotionally charged, and the game play is good. If you love playing video games and enjoyed the AMC television series? Take a look at this fun and entertaining video game. The choices you make playing The Walking Dead determines the direction the story takes and your ultimate fate. The question is whether you'll survive, or become one of the billions of The Walking Dead?


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Published Aug. 30th 2014
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Released in conjunction with a SWEET deal on Steam for $10, will be buying it

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