Former LucasArts Devs Announce KickStarter: Super Roman Conquest

Two former developers behind some of LucasArts most well known titles have gone indie, and are bringing you Super Roman Conquest

Hey all, Matt here. I wanted to share a couple of new developments with Super Roman Conquest--mainly, the launch of our Kickstarter page. To celebrate such a joyous occasion, the Senate has granted permission for us to share images straight from the front lines of the war against the Barbarian hordes!

Here, you can see the ingenious units of your Legion's engineering corp. These specialized units can collect various resources throughout your campaign that allow you to build bridges, ladders, and powerful siege engines. Engineers are the only unit that can change the face of the battlefield -- access hidden areas, unlock flanking routes, and claim long forgotten treasures.

The archer is a strong defensive unit that is best suited for ranged combat. They are extremely deadly when holding the high ground against a tightly packed enemy army. 

Siege weapons can be a commander's best friend when fighting elite enemy units. Below, a catapult prepares to fire its deadly projectile at oncoming enemy forces. Catapults are weapons built by an Engineer and manned by a specially trained centurion. They can be upgraded to fire a flame projectile, which does additional damage to the health and morale of the enemy.  

And finally, the Kickstarter launch trailer for Super Roman Conquest! If you enjoy what you see, find SRC on Kickstarter and fight for Rome and for the Republic! Mark your mark on the history of Rome!

Published Oct. 24th 2013

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