Defiance: Arkbreaker DLC to drop on December 10

Arkbreaker brings a new mission line, cold fire weapons, interior arkfall instances and new content like Stims, Spikes, and co-op missions.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled avalanche of Xbox One and PS4 news to bring you something else...

Trion has released an Xbox One full (have you seen the size of that thing?) of info about Arkbreaker, the new DLC for their MMO, Defiance.

Bring Down an Arkfall

The new storyline (singular) involves racing against Dark Matter foes in order to grab an ark-brain interface, which in turn lets players actually call down arkfalls and battle their way inside.

These new environments can be explored and pillaged. Waiting inside are a host of new cold fire weapons and twenty brand new, advanced-tech weapons "that put a spin on your current favorites."  Oh, and there's a slew of Volge waiting to stop you.

Volge Warmaster

This final boss in this new major arkfall, and appears for 7-minute bursts... then he teleports away. But if you happen to beat back this dirty bastich (with 20 fellow hunters) you'll earn some of the best loot in Defiance.

What nifty diamond shoulder pads you have, Warmaster!

Get your Volge on... Literally

Everyone who snags the Arkbreaker DLC will also receive the Volge Engineer outfit, and.... wait for it! -  increased daily and weekly log in bonuses! 

But that's not all!

When Arkbreaker goes live you'll be able to team up and play co-op versions of single-player instances.  If that's your kind of thing.

Additional Goodies

When planted in the ground Spikes radiate benefits (ammo, increased damage, and shield power) to nearby allies for a set duration - or until destroyed.

If you're not already a Defiance junkie... in-game stims might change that.  Get juiced by injecting healing, speed and strength boosts. They'll even work to refresh your EGO power if you're feeling down in the dumps. 

Players will be able to mark items in their inventory as "favorites" bumping them to the top of your inventory.  This will let you sell or break down all non-favorite items at the click of a button.

Arkbreaker releases on Tuesday, December 10.

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