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The adventure of an RPG meets the addictive puzzles of Tetris and Dr. Mario in Dungeon of Elements

Our buddies over at Frogdice have been in business since 1996, and their first game - Threshold - is still going strong. Their's is the kind of success story that inspires new indie companies to go for it, and today marks the release of their latest game, a puzzle / RPG game titled Dungeon of Elements.

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We're hard at play... *ahem* ... work getting a review out, but in the meantime you can score their complete release for just $9.99 until October 1st.

To get Dungeon of Elements for 50% off, use the code SKINNY at checkout on the Frogdice site.

[Buy DoE Here!]

Available for PC/Windows, Mac, or Linux.


When we chatted with Frogdice at PAX East, they mentioned that this will be a great game for dedicated gamers, but it also provides newer players a foundation in some core RPG basics. So if you've been waiting for the perfect game to hook your significant other or kids on RPGs, this might be the ticket!

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Published Sep. 26th 2013
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    Thanks for posting Amy! Gonna go buy them now.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Enjoy! And let us know what you think - we don't have any reviews for it yet.
  • Muckbeast
    Thanks for posting this Amy and helping get the word out.

    If anyone has questions about the game, please feel free to ask and I'll take a shot at answering. :)

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