Best MMO Worlds of the Last Five Years

Star Wars: The Old Republic

An MMO for the Star Wars franchise started in December 2011 which means a little bit longer than 5 years ago, but I felt that regardless -- this is still one of the best MMO worlds staying on the market for last five years.

Huge success of this MMO is undoubtedly connected with the popularity of Star Wars franchise. For decades now, there are millions of fans who would do everything connected with this Universe. Therefore, when game was released, it took less than month to gain more than million players online.

I have spent good couple of hours playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. And I think that the main strength of it is that the game keep close to what we remember from long hour spent in the cinema following eternal struggle between Republic and Empire.

In STWOR you can be Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Stormtrooper or virtually anybody else you remember from the movie. Virtually you can do whatever you would imagine to do if you would BE inside Star Wars movie!

This is a very good feeling. Plus, STWOR offers a very consistent storyline, quests and system of building in-game characters. By now, the game has huge Clans of players fighting with each other’s and building own empires.

It seems that this MMO should not become boring any time soon thanks to ongoing expansion packs.

One of my friends, much bigger fun of the game, told me his secret... He managed to collect in his in-game house all rare furniture placed in game. He needed to fight for some of the items from his collections, and some of them costs a lot in-game currency. I am not exactly sure what should I think about this hobby, but it certainly shows how deep Star Wars: The Old Republic goes with building its realm. And I am not sure, if my friend’s in-game and alien wife are happy how they are spending credits earned on dangerous Jedi missions…

Published Jan. 27th 2017

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