Best MMO Worlds of the Last Five Years

Elite: Dangerous

There are two MMO games on the market which stand out from other projects. First one is EVE Online, but his game was released in 2003 and regardless being very successful in last 5 years, was one of the best MMO’s way earlier.

But there is another title, somewhat like EVE due to the action being placed in space. The game is called Elite: Dangerous, and was released in 2014 as a first person spaceship MMORPG.

In Elite, there is no persona's which could walk around spaceships or space ports. Only thing you can see from your character is part of the legs, and both hands on the steering system. That’s because characters in the game are always sitting in their ships. Sounds completely boring I guess, but do not be fooled by simplicity of description!

Elite: Dangerous has a demanding system of expanding your character and ships. There are no established classes but to gain more from your game, players must constantly expand abilities of their commanders. They also need to take care of ships which can be, not only expensive, but also require additional engineer input or module production.

But the real reason why I think Elite: Dangerous should be on the list of best MMOs of the last five years is the world that is in the game.

The Milky Way Galaxy itself -- a simulation of the small chunk of space where our Solar System is located. Every star system in Elite has its' own planets. And there are millions of Star Systems available for for keen explorers.

I have spent many months clocked while travelling to the centre of the Galaxy and further. I saw things which are beyond imagination and I think that nothing bits the view of the Nebula when you are on a small planet in your ship cockpit -- landing there for the night rest. Just for this view it is worth to soak in unusual MMO which Elite: Dangerous is.

Published Jan. 27th 2017

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