Keep your Android cool when you play games - even when you're not!

If you've had overheating issues when playing your Android games, then we've got the perfect solution for you!

Have you ever been in the middle of a serious Clash of Clans or Game of War game and suddenly realized your phone's about to go on fire? Ever been crushing some candy in the Candy Crush Saga and noticed your palms sweating profusely? Or maybe you were swiping right left so hard on Tinder that your device started glowing like molten lava! If you're anything like me, the answer to at least one of those questions is a yes. If that's the case, then you're in luck, because we're going to give you some quick and easy tips to make your Android gaming a breeze (quite literally)!

1. Cooler Master - The app that makes your phone cool!

It doesn't matter how new your phone is. These days, most Android phones have short battery lives and overheat when your CPU is running more than normal. This nifty little app keeps track of your CPU temp, gives you notifications if your apps are using too much power in the background, and has an awesome clean-up feature that let's you keep your background clear of unnecessary apps. Oh, and it's completely free!

Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature.

You can download the "Cooler Master - Phone Cooler" app directly from the Play Store, or by clicking on this link.

2. Watch your background apps, and stop those notifications

While Cooler Master can take care of some aspects of your background apps, some apps are too important to close. Generally speaking, any app that is allowed to send you notifications is going to be running to some degree or the other in the background. So the easiest solution? Disable push notifications for any apps that you don't really need. Got your Play Store on auto-update? Disable the notifications.

3. Charge while you sleep

This might seem like an invariable factor, but your phone's battery is usually at its hottest when you're charging it. The best way to fix this problem? Charge it while you sleep, and unplug it when you wake up - or just yank it off when your alarm goes off, like a boss! Simple as pie.

4. If it's too hot to go out in a leather jacket, don't make your phone wear one either!

Have you seen some of the new phone covers? That stuff would make a bald puppy warm in the Arctic! So, why not take the coat off while you're playing your games, and put it back on when you're taking that puppy for a walk? (To clarify, puppy is your phone in this metaphor...Jus' sayin') Obviously, don't forget the second step though, because we are not responsible for any damage your device (or puppy) receives without its cover on.

And that's all you need to do! Try any of these steps, and you'll get results right away. Do all four, and you can decrease your CPU overheating, and increase your battery life by a hell of a lot!

If you've found these Android tips useful, share them with your friends. And if you have any concerns or questions, let us know in the comments section below.

Featured Contributor

Published Apr. 26th 2016
  • | Narz |
    Also to stop those apps from running in the backgroun *cough Facebook cough* Use apps like Greenify to put them to sleep and turn them back on whenever you want!

    Use file explorer to clean up any cache or unwanted files taking space
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Nice tips! But as for the 1st one, I have tried a few of the 'optimisation apps' and they have all killed my battery life, and didn't speed my phone up at all. I wonder if this one works better, or differently.
  • Chrisator
    Featured Contributor
    I'd say give it a go for sure. I used to have massive battery issues, but ever since I got the app, my battery life has literally quadrupled, and 0 overheating.
    I still can't uninstall any apps, but baby steps! :)
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    As in you don't want to uninstall them, or your phone is terrible and won't let you?
  • Chrisator
    Featured Contributor
    My Android settings literally crash everytime I try and uninstall an app manually. And when I delete the icon, it basically goes into the abyss, but doesn't get uninstalled.
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    Yer, icon deleting isn't like on iOS, it's basically just a shortcut.

    But that's weird... Post a bug report to Google, and who ever makes your phone.

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