ESO Update 11: new dungeons, appearance changes, and more

ESO update 11: Shadows of the Hist, features; new dungeons, appearance changes, text chat for console players, and capture towns in PvP.

Elder Scrolls Online update 11: Shadows of the Hist, will feature many new changes. As with other updates, it comes in two steps; the DLC dungeon pack and the base-game patch.

The DLC dungeon pack part of the patch will feature two new Argonian dungeons. First, Cradle of Shadows, is a 4-player dungeon with both normal and veteran modes. Next, Ruins of Mazzatun is also a 4-player dungeon featuring both normal and veteran difficulty. The dungeons offer some new loot, including a new monster mask.

The base game patch will feature appearance, race, and name change options. You will be able to buy tokens that will allow you to change yourself. They will also be adding new hair styles, adornments, and body markings, available to be bought in the crown store.

Another great addition to this patch is for console players. Xbox One and PS4 players will now be able to use text chat, in addition to voice chat, while playing. This will be good for guild leaders and traders.

As players requested, town capture will be added to the game. PvP in Cyrodiil will have 3 new capturable towns; Cropsford, Vlastarus, and Bruma. The towns will have flags to control and guards to deal with. It will be similar to the district flags in the Imperial City DLC. Capturing a town unlocks another PvP respawn point and access to town merchants selling rare items.

ESO will be making improvements to update 11. So, watch for updates, and be ready to try it on the test server soon!


Published Jun. 21st 2016

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