How to earn Lover's Embrace in Fallout 4 without companions

You've been deceived! You can earn Lover's Embrace without companions in Fallout 4!

It's common knowledge that sleeping is good for you; it's something that everyone needs to do. Getting lucky on the other hand, isn't something that everyone needs to do, most of us just want to. 

The Sole Survivor doesn't necessarily need sleep... or that other thing, but it's still a good idea as these two actions will completely restore any lost health and can be used to pass a great length of time very quickly. That said, two special temporary perks, acquirable in certain circumstances, are the real reason you'll want to choose between getting some Fallout 4 shut-eye, or staying up all night.

Well Rested

The first and most easily obtainable perk, Well Rested will grant the player +10% XP for 12 in-game hours upon sleeping in an unowned bed. Any beds marked in player colors (default green) may be used to gain this perk's bonus whereas beds marked in red are owned and cannot be used.

+10% XP may not seem like a lot, but it definitely helps in the long run. Now, with that in mind what would you do with +15% XP for 12 in-game hours?

Lover's Embrace

Lover's Embrace rewards players for getting down and dirty with their post-apocalypse lover. "After spending some quality time with your special someone, you feel completely relaxed and ready for anything!"

As stated above, Lover's Embrace grants an additional 5% to the Well Rested bonus, resulting in a total of +15% XP for 12 in-game hours. The only problem with earning this *ahem* reward, is that you'll need someone willing and able (sorry Codsworth fans) to slide into your bed. 

How to get laid in Fallout 4

Today on Dr. PhilackTideTV I'll be providing you with the answer to the most asked question in the world: "How do I get someone to sleep with me?"

As far as Fallout 4 goes, it really isn't that hard. All it takes is an eye for the easy girls, or might I say girl as I've only found the one so far... Yeah, you can spend all your time and energy on making certain companions happy enough to engage in romance, but why-o-why would you put so much effort in when you can just go to a bar, hit on a hot singer and take her home with you in seconds?

"Did he say seconds?" Yeah, my pick-up lines are just THAT good. Come to think of it, maybe the singer is just THAT easy... Have I mentioned that she goes both ways? This technique works for male and female characters! Let's get into it!

Dress to Impress

If you don't have a Charisma level of 10, you'll need to suit up for your first date. Head to Fallon's Basement in Diamond City and grab a nice new pair of Charisma-boosting slacks.

You'll only need to break the speech barriers the first time you seduce the singer so don't worry about getting dressed up on subsequent visits - unless you're feeling polite. Once you're feeling sufficiently swanky, head to Goodneighbor and enter The Third Rail.

Upon arrival in Goodneighbor, head down the alley to the left of Guns Guns Guns. Turn left at the end of said alley and you should see The Memory Den across the street in front of you. Before you get to the street turn left and you'll find the entrance to The Third Rail beneath the Old State House.

Get yo' Flirt on!

Head downstairs to Whitechapel Charlie's pub and you'll often Magnolia singing on the stage in the far left corner. If you can't find her there, she's likely getting sloshed at the bar.

Suit up and activate Magnolia and you'll be given a "Flirt" option. Each successive flirt will raise the speech barrier higher and higher until it reaches extremely hard. Once you break the hardest barrier, you'll go on a date (or as I like to call it, a black screen). You'll eventually end up in the Hotel Rexford where you say your good-byes and you'll get Lover's Embrace.

Second date

As stated above, a high Charisma level is only needed for the first date, subsequent dates require none of that nonsense. One thing I should mention is that Magnolia will randomly refuse later dates. She'll sometimes tell the player that a date would be a bad idea, consecutively breaking hearts and XP bonuses. 

Magnolia makes for a great substitute for a companion's love if the player hasn't raised a fellow companion's affinity or chosen a companion apart from Dogmeat or Codsworth. Another practical time to choose Magnolia would be when the player is running errands in Goodneighbor with a non-romantic companion.

Apart from the aforementioned circumstances, you're better off romancing companions as they seemingly have the stamina of Ron Jeremy, letting you "embrace" them for as long and as often as you wish. Not to mention reaching full affinity with companions grants permanent special perks.


Before we wrap things up here, I want to mention two more "attributes" to earning Lover's Embrace with this technique.

  1. Romantic companions don't care if you cheat on them. When you respawn in a hotel room with Magnolia at your side, your companion is just chilling in the hallway waiting for you to finish up. They won't do or say anything about you being unfaithful.
  2. After... relations ensue, Magnolia's music will suddenly become available to the Diamond City Radio channel. She sings custom songs in The Third Rail, unheard beyond the walls of that tavern, until the Sole Survivor sleeps with her.

That's it! You now know how to have a repetitive one night stand in Fallout 4. Happy, pervert? Don't lie, I know you are! 

Know of any other suggestible characters in Fallout 4? Let me know where to find them and post the grand tale of your Fallout 4 dating life in the comments section!

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Published Feb. 24th 2016

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