Disney Crossy Road Special Character Differences Guide

Disney Crossy Road has numerous special characters that change the world around you. Here is a guide to a few of those.

It all started with a simple chicken trying to cross the road, dodge traffic, and ride on lily-pads across bodies of water in an effort to get to the other side. That was in Crossy Road, the original mobile title that took the world by storm on Android and iOS.

Now, Disney has entered into the fray with Disney Crossy Road, which features some of the very best, and most favored, characters from the entire Disney roster.

Some of these characters manage to change the entire world around you, with others offering little tidbits of change. So this guide will tell you exactly what differences characters make in Disney Crossy Road.

Here's the rundown of the characters and their special alterations:
  • Officer Clawhauser (Epic Character) - While playing as Officer Clawhauser, the road is littered with donuts that can be collected.
  • Gazelle (Rare Character) - While playing as Gazelle, the player will notice some passing vehicles snapping photos of the character as she gets close.
  • Chief Bogo (Rare Character) - While playing as Chief Bogo, the player will pass by other characters from the world of Zootropolis on the roadside.

  • Doug (Rare Character) - If you unlock Doug, you will notice chemistry set tables scattered around the roadside, though they do not unlock anything special.
  • Mr. Big (Epic Character) - Mr. Big changes the music within the game, and a mafioso in the form of a polar bear can be seen on the roadside.
  • Mr. Otterson (Classic Character) - Mr. Otterson can eat the purple flowers along the road to temporarily turn him back into a regular otter.
  • Manchas (Classic Character) - Just like Mr. Otterson, by eating the purple flowers, Manchas will turn back into a jaguar momentarily.

  • Goofy - While running, Goofy will often pause near a body of water and pull out a fishing pole. This will stop you for a moment.
  • Pluto - Bones appear on the map while playing as Pluto, which do not appear to do anything at the moment.

  • Woody - While playing as Woody, toys will appear in the game, all of which will fly at the player. Avoid them with speed!
  • Pete - While running as Pete, the character will occasionally pull out a watering can and leave a few puddles behind him. If this happens on grass, flowers will begin to bloom.
  • Horace - Players will notice that some of the cars have been replaced by swarms of black mosquitoes.
  • Willie the Giant - When jumping, the ground around you will shake upon landing.

  •  Chip - The world changes ever so slightly as Chip, with acorns popping up around the world. Collecting them does nothing, though.
Massive to the World

Upon unlocking new characters, the player will be greeted with brand new game worlds to enjoy, all of which change things drastically. 

  • The Haunted Mansion - The world of The Haunted Mansion tends to be much darker than what you're commonly used to. Ghosts will be the main issue to deal with here.
  • Toy Story - In the Toy Story world, players will be required to dodge various hostile toys flying at them.
  • Zootopia - The world of Zootopia is icy and cold, with snow piles covering the bushes and slush falls from the sky.
  • Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph is a unique world, as it is bright pink, has race cars as the vehicles, and everything just seems to be centered around a race track.
  • Classic Disney - The Classic Disney world is incredibly basic. It is the one that appears most similar to the original game in style.
  • The Lion King - As in The Lion King, the player will be dodging their way across trails of various animals, including a herd of wildebeest. 
  • Tangled - Tangled is, of course, a fairy-tale story, so it makes sense the game world is set in a luscious forest with horse riders and other henchman to dodge.
  • Big Hero 6 - The world from Big Hero 6 is recreated quite nicely, as everything has a slight foreign futuristic vibe to it.

There are currently 100s of characters to collect within the game. You're sure to find one that suits your style in a Disney world you've come to know and love over the years.

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Published Apr. 14th 2016

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