WB Interactive is Making a Game Based on J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts

Step back into the Wizarding World a day before the film comes out in this newly announced mobile game!

When J.K. Rowling had created the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, no one knew it would soar beyond the books. From movies to video games, from cosplay to stage plays, everyone who had heard of the Harry Potter series was completely sucked in from the start. They stuck with it all the way to the grand finale. But it turns out the Wizarding World isn't over just yet.

With the impending release of the new movie Fantastic Beasts: And Where to Find Them, a certain studio took inspiration from the film and decided to make a game that fans could play while they wait for the movie to hit theaters. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently announced that they would release their very own Fantastic Beasts mobile game.

Titled Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World, it's a detective/hidden object style game that places you in the shoes of a newly recruited member of the Ministry of Magic.

The president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, David Haddad, described the game as follows in the official announcement:

“We are delighted to bring fans a new mobile game inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, which invites players to discover their own fantastic beasts, Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World offers a fun, magical mobile experience to all players.”

Story and Timeline

So far, all we know about the plot is that you play a new recruit for the Ministry, and must use your magic to solve cases and discover hidden mysteries in the game. As of right now, it is believed to be set in the same timeline as Fantastic Beasts.

Haddad's statement about the game inviting players to "discover their own fantastic beasts" makes it sound like we'll be solving cases that revolve around the magical beasts that have escaped before. So we could find ourselves meeting up with Newt and his team every once in a while.

Gameplay and Online Features

Not much has been shown of the gamepla. But since it will be a hidden object game, we can probably expect Fantastic Beasts to have stunning art design, along with a possible chance of it having timed gameplay. The game will have an option to connect via Facebook to share your progress, and to help your friends if they are in any need of assistance.

The game will be released on mobile stores (the App Store, Google Play store), and can be played on the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World will be released November 17th, 2016 -- that's only a day before the film, Fantastic Beasts: And Where To Find Them, is scheduled to release in theaters.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news about this game as we come closer to launch.

Published Oct. 19th 2016

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