LIMBO Coming Soon to the PS Vita

One of the most beautiful games ever comes to PS Vita June 6th.

If you haven’t played LIMBO, Double Elevens’ dark puzzle-platform classic, you’re in luck. Playstation has announced today that the game is coming to the PS Vita on June 6th.

In LIMBO, you play a young unnamed boy, travelling through a series of deadly environments in search for his sister. The puzzles are tough, and the game typically results in you accidentally killing your boyish avatar multiple times in incredibly gruesome fashions.

LIMBO has been out for three years, and in that time has been available on multiple platforms, from the PS3 to Steam, but the PS Vita will be its first mobile port. On its previous platforms, LIMBO has sold over one million copies and several publications (as varied as Time and Wired) labeled the game as one of the top games of 2010.

LIMBO will be available for around $15 on the Playstation Network next week.   

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Published May. 30th 2013

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