How To Get The "Good Ending" - Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Five Nights at Freddy's Good Ending

As many of you people who played and completed the game know, you have the basic ending, but you probably noticed it says "the Bad Ending." Here's what you have to do. 

Follow these steps EXACTLY or else it won't work!!

- Night 2 - 

Go to CAM8 and click on the BalloonBoy poster on the wall, after that the minigame will toggle; move the BalloonBoy sprite around and collect all the balloons. DO NOT GO TO THE EXIT; go to the top left of the map and jump into the wall and you will fall through. Go to the right as far as you can and collect the final rainbow balloon. upon completion, you will be set back at 12AM.

Now you want to go CAM7, where you have an arcade machine. Click the buttons on the arcade machine is this order: Top left, Bottom Left, Top Right, Bottom Right. This will toggle Mangle's Quest, go around and collect all the parts for Mangle while dodging a child trying to tear you apart. When you get to the end, DO NOT EXIT. Go to the top right of the map and jump through the wall, you will fall on some balloons; go up the balloons until you collect the cake. Upon completion, you'll be sent back to 12AM.

Now go back to the BalloonBoy minigame from before, do the same thing, but this time when you jump off the edge you'll be put on floating balloons; find the crying kid and give him cake at the end. Upon completion, you'll be sent back to 12AM.

Now beat Night 2.

- Night 3 -

Now, you need to go to CAM2, CAM3, CAM4, and CAM6; on each one is a cupcake (which are a little hard to see), so here's where they are on the camera: 

  • CAM2: Doorway by the Bonnie Mannequin
  • CAM3: Next to the wall on the right
  • CAM4: In the left corner under the Foxy head.
  • CAM6: On the right side of the arcade cabinet. 

If done right, Chica's Party minigame should toggle. Go down and to the left, ignore the crying children and jump off the top left on the map, once again falling; and give cake to the kid off the side of the map. Upon completion, you'll be sent to 12AM.

Now beat Night 3.

- Night 4 - 

In your office, there will be panels that you can click. Click them in this EXACT order: 3 9 5 2 4 8.

This will toggle the Stage01 minigame. Jump out of the map to the top left (You'll fall a while, eventually reaching the ground); then you will walk twice to the right, and you'll see an exit door, DO NOT EXIT. Jump at the wall in front of you, eventually you will glitch up it and find a room with a dead child in it. Walk to him and give him cake. This will take you to 12AM.

Beat night 4.

- Night 5 -

Now, this one is hard to see, but on the far right side of your desk is a Shadow Bonnie figurine. Click it. This will open up Stage01 with you as Shadow Bonnie; press the "S" key repeatedly until you get to BalloonBoy's minigame, jump out the wall on the left side. Keep pressing "S" as you fall until the room turns purple and you see a crying child, give him some cake. This will send you back to 12AM.

On CAM3, on the right wall there will be a poster of the Puppet (middle poster), click it to toggle Happiest Day; go to the end and save the children with cake.

Beat Night 5.

Congratulations, you've beaten the game and gotten the Good Ending.



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Published May. 25th 2015

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