Check out the Level 30 Awards for Pokemon Go

It's not as exciting as you'd want such an accomplishment to be.

That's right. Someone's already managed to get to level 30. While the rewards aren't all that exciting, it's absolutely insane someone's been able to reach such a high level in so short a time. It takes 350,000 experience just to get from level 29 to level 30.

Here's the list.

30 Ultra Balls
20 Max Potions
20 Max Revives
20 Razz Berries
3 Incenses
3 Lucky Eggs
3 Egg Incubators
3 Lucky Modules

Sadly, no master balls.

It looks like the rewards for trainers just keep getting higher, seeing as when you hit level 20 you essentially get the same stuff, except only 20 Ultra Balls and only 2 of each of the rarer items. The likely assumption is that level 40 is similar, and you'll just be getting 40 ultra balls and 4 of the rare items.

Makes you wonder if there's anything really special at 100. Maybe we start seeing master balls at 50?

What level are you? Have you been able to get by without spending any money? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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