Gravity Interactive and WarpPortal Launch Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum

WarpPortal and Gravity Interactive have released the latest saga of their popular online video game Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum.

WarpPortal, creator of the popular online and mobile video game Ragnarok Online, recently launch of the latest chapter in the Ragnarok saga, Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum. 

Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum is a strategy video game that challenges gamers to build an empire and stop Satan Morocc once and for all. Players construct agreements with competing countries, recruit warriors, and gather resources in preparation for war. You can check out the game here and start playing.

Gravity Interactive, a top developer of both casual and hardcore online video games, released this trailer for Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum. The characters look like cartoon characters, but the overall graphics and game play looks interesting. Check it out.

Ragnarok Online claims to have over 80 million registered players in more than 70 countries around the world. There was a time this video game was the most popular online game in the world.

If Ragnarok Online: Ash Vacuum is even half as successful as the last entry in RO, WarpPortal and Gravity Interactive will surely be satisfied. We'll have to wait and see if new gamers and old Ragnarok Online players embrace this new chapter of the saga.


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Published May. 7th 2014

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