The 10 Best Indie Games of 2016

3. Owlboy

Developer: D-Pad Studio

Platforms: PC

The once questioned "will it ever release" platformer finally made its way to the PC this year after nine years in development. Owlboy is a real love letter to the '90s platforming era of gaming. From its visuals to its plot to its gameplay, Owlboy is a game that oozes '90s gaming chic.

You take on the role of Otus, who belongs to a clan of owl and human hybrids known as the Owls. When his village is attacked by a band of pirates, he sets out on a journey to save it. 

With a charming cast, brilliant and varied level design and excellent Metroidvania style gameplay, Owlboy is an absolute classic.

Published Dec. 17th 2016

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