Leap of Fate, the new cyberpunk roguelike game with a twist is available now!

Leap of Fate is what you get when you mix a cyberpunk action roguelike game with a deep, compelling story-line.

From husband-and-wife developer Clever-Plays comes the new action roguelike game, Leap of Fate.

The game is available on the Steam and Humble Store for $15.99. 

Leap of Fate has been in development for some time, and is a terrific example of how positive community feedback and Steam Early Access can help guide indie developers in the right direction.

Leap of Fate

So what exactly is, Leap of Fate?

Simply put, Leap of Fate is a narrative-driven, cyberpunk action roguelike game. Lead developer Mattiue Bégin said:

"With Leap of Fate we wanted to make a fresh roguelike with more narrative substance."

The game will combine elements of your typical action roguelike game, with powerful narratives and cinematics. There isn't a typical "big boss" in the end. The primary enemy you'll be fighting is yourself. It's this new — dark — narrative, combined with your traditional hack-n-slash gameplay that makes Leap of Fate so intriguing. 

Key features include:

  • Hundreds of randomly placed enemies with unique designs.
  • Upgrades on 100+ magical skills through an innovated skill tree system.
  • Fast-paced action utilizing the extremely mobile "Shadow Walk" ability.
  • Procedurally-generated levels.
  • A fleshed out narrative plus cinematics.
  • Controller support and a developed UI.
  • Four characters: Aeon, Big Mo, Mukai, and Rasimov — each with their own distinct gameplay and story.

The game has received nothing but positive comments from players. The developers made the effort to listen to all player feedback when the game was still in Early Access.

If you're into roguelike gameplay, enjoy becoming immersed in a deep and exciting narrative, and want to experience a polished Early Access game, then Leap of Fate sounds right up your alley.

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Published Mar. 31st 2016

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