XBox One Supports Eight Controllers

XBox One announces that it supports eight controllers, one-upping the PlayStation 3's seven

The XBox One announced yesterday that it will be capable of utilizing eight controllers simultaneously. That's one more controller than the PlayStation 3 had and just a lot of players in general.

The next-gen XBox has announced very few games in which it would actually be interesting to have eight players because most AAA games don't support multiplayer at all, but at least the couple of multiplayer games that do exist won't have friends arguing over who plays next. You can't play Zoo Tycoon with your friends, but at least you can get a lot of people racing in Trials Fusion.

Eight controllers seem a little superfluous to me because I know very few people who have televisions that you could see with fourteen competing eyes, however it is cooler than the Playstation 4's four controller ports.

The XBox One controllers can operate at thirty feet so if you have a giant living room and a lot of friends the XBox might be the console for you. Expect that an XBox controller will cost $74.99 to be fully functional, though, so if you do intend to play with all your friends it might get expensive. 

Published Sep. 7th 2013

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