Top 5 graduation gifts for the Fallout fan in Your life

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Fallout 4 Vault 111 Steelseries headset.

This can be found on the Bethesda website on sale now for $99.99

This is a wired headset in the iconic Vault-Tec blue and yellow. It features a suspension design making it comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. It also has a retractable mic allowing you to talk to friends or stream on Twitch. The ear pads are even memory foam providing your years with the ultimate comfort.  

Fallout 4 mystery minis blind box.

This can be found on the Bethesda website for $96.00

Why get one gift when you can get one gift that's 12 gifts in one? Each of the 12 boxes features a random 2-inch figure. Each figure has a 1 in 12 chance of coming in each box. The types of figures range from the lone wondered to the Brotherhood of Steel, to the mysterious stranger himself. Keep in mind that since it is all random it is possible to get duplicates of a figure but with each one having a one in 12 chance of being in each box, the chances are low. 

Fallout bobbleheads.

These can also be found on the Bethesda website for only $15.00 each

Bethesda currently sells 21 different bobble heads that are featured in the game. Big guns, lock picking, charisma, and luck are just a few of the choices available to pick from. It's fun to collect them all and display them in your home just like in the game, unfortunately, they don't raise any of your stats like they do in the game but that's ok. 

Vault-Tec belted tank dress

This can be found on the Bethesda site for $48.00

There is nothing worse than having to dress up all nice for an event, that's where the Vault-Tec dress comes in handy. Now you can look nice and still show your love of Fallout, what more could you want? The dress comes to about knee length and features small slits up each side. You could even pair it with the Vault-Tec ladies cardigan to look even fancier. 

Fallout 4 power armor and laser rifle

This can be found on Etsy sold by MechKotProps for $850.00

If you want to make someone just fall over and have a heart attack after seeing your gift then this is the one to get. What more could anyone want in life than their own suit of power armor? The suit is made from foam and plastic and is completely hand crafted.  The suit will take some time to be made so order it far in advance. 

Published May. 28th 2016


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