Dark Souls II Death Tracker: Players are Dying Many, MANY Times

An unbelievable number of deaths have been recorded already!

Bear two things in mind when reviewing these ridiculous statistics:

Firstly, the game is not available on PC yet (it launches on April 25). Secondly, it has only been available for two days on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Thirdly, the tracker can only count deaths of individuals who are logged in; if they're offline, obviously their deaths can't be tallied.

Despite all this, according to Namco's new death tracker, Dark Souls II adventurers have perished over 4.5 million times. Yes, you read that correctly. Four and a half million deaths recorded in only a few days, and that number is destined to soar.

Thus far, 1,342,561 deaths have come at the hands of enemies. No surprise there. But you might be surprised to see that 365,728 deaths have occurred due to falling. Yeah, you fall a lot in the game, if you didn't already know. Traps caused 33,743 deaths and so far, human players are responsible for only 22,241 deaths. The latter method is the rarest way to die right now but as more people purchase and play the game, that particular stat will increase.

Are you up to the challenge?

In my review of the stellar title, I said Dark Souls II was immensely rewarding if you had the requisite patience and diligence. For those who do, the pay-off is huge. Many will ask: "If you die so much in a game, how is that fun? Doesn't it just get frustrating?" Well, yeah. But...you just gotta play it to understand.

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Published Jun. 19th 2018

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