Only 408GB of Free Space on PS4?

New images show that the amount of free space on the PlayStation 4 may be much lower than expected.

Rather than the expected 465GB of space on the PlayStation 4’s drive, gamers can expect a much lower number. In fact, images of the PS4’s interface reveals that number may actually rest somewhere around 408GB.

Now, as the console ships with a 500GB drive, this means that 92GB are already in use when you buy your PlayStation 4. This may be due to a large operating system which some have estimated to be around 57GB.

Most games are 40GB or under, so it’s not like 408GB is an incredibly low number. However, it will obviously limit the amount of games that can be downloaded to the console.

Should you wish to add more space to your PlayStation 4, you can always pay to upgrade the drive with a multi-terabyte hard drive. Of course, this would tack on at least another $60 to the total value of your console. After making such a large purchase (the PlayStation 4 retailing at $399.99), I would personally be a little hesitant about throwing another $60 at it, especially with all the awesome games that will be releasing.

The PlayStation 4 comes out on Friday.


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Published Nov. 13th 2013
  • Proto Foe
    Senior Intern
    With an average install size of 28 GB per launch game, we're looking at 14 or so games per machine. This is before application downloads, DLC and ... well that is pretty much it. Seeing as film purchases/rentals will be streamed, and we can't store music/films on the HDD.

    I am by no means putting a downer on the PS4, but I do believe I see now why features we take for granted - music/film storage - is not around at launch.

    Thank goodness it is easy to upgrade the HDD!

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