Xenoblade Chronicles X Reduce Loading Times With Free Downloadable Data Packs

Developer Monolith Software has created and will release free downloadable data packs for Xenoblade Chronicles X in the Nintendo e-Shop to help reduce loading times.

Many video gamers have dealt with the issue of long loading times when playing certain games. Nearly all of us have felt that pain or annoyance waiting to get past a loading screen. One game developer is tackling that problem in their game before it releases.

Developer Monolith Software has created free downloadable data packs for the disc version of Xenoblade Chronicles X to reduce in-game loading. Doing this is supposed to improve disc load times by downloading the files from the Nintendo e-Shop.

The files to download on the e-Shop are:

  • the Field/Basic Pack (2GB)
  • the Enemy Data Pack (2.7 GB)
  • the Player Data Pack (3.6 GB)
  • the Doll Data Pack (1.7 GB)

The Field/Basic Pack helps load up the game’s terrain faster. Having the Enemy pack helps load the field faster. The Player pack improves loading times on changing equipment. The Doll pack helps improve Dolls deployment. Players are encouraged to download all the packs, but they can choose which ones they want. The Field/Basic Pack has to be downloaded in order to download the other packs.

For those who buy the digital copy of the game, the data packs are pre-installed.
I wonder if will this really help improve the game’s loading time. Only time will tell.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released for the Wii U in Japan on April 29th.


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Published Apr. 12th 2015

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