Epic Announces Unreal Tournament

Epic has announced their plans for the upcoming title, Unreal Tournament.

Today (May 8), in a live stream on Twitch, Epic announced their plans for their future title, Unreal Tournament. They will focus on developing the game for the PC, Linux and Mac platforms, and development would start as soon as the stream was completed.

The game will be unique in two ways.

The first being that Epic wants the community to play a large role in the development and creation within the game. Unreal Engine 4 will give the developers an expanded ability to make new things for the game such as skins, mods, levels and much more. Stressing the importance of the community; Epic has decided to go with no publisher and those who create content will be given the option to give it away for free or sell it to those who wish to buy it.

The other trait that makes Unreal Tournament unique is that anything that is made by Epic will be made available for free.

Their site is up but currently there is nothing there. However, there is a wiki page for those interested in learning more about Unreal Tournament or who wish to become involved with the development.


Published May. 8th 2014

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