Nimble Quest Finds its Way to the Ouya, Dev Talk on Forums

Nimble Quest makes their way to Ouya.

If you played Nimble Quest on Android or IOS, rejoice! The game is now available on the Ouya store.

NimbleBit, the company behind Nimble Quest, has been around since 2008 and primarily makes mobile games. Nimble Quest has been likened to a rogue-like combined with the classic arcade game Snake. 

The game has been "re-tuned" from its mobile version and is not a straight-up port, but the game still retains many of its properties, like unlocking heroes to increase the size of your party, gem collection, and joining guilds to complete guild quests with other players. 

NimbleBit has previously stated that they were going to have a game up and running on Ouya as soon as they were able. David Marsh of NimbleBit has said on Twitter that the game "plays better with a PS3 or 360 controller," after several users mentioned disliking the Ouya controllers D-pad. 

He also mentioned liking working with Ouya, as their system was "Purchase retail hardware > run game on hardware > submit game > review process > game published & anyone can play it."  If you're interested in playing Nimble Quest, you can play on the Ouya, or through the Google Play and IOS marketplace on mobile. 

NimbleBit is also hosting a discussion via the OUYA forums.

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Published Jul. 9th 2013

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