King's Raid Guide: How to Awaken Heroes

How to awaken your character's full potential in the new online mobile game, King's Raid.

King's Raid on Android and iOS devices is an RPG where you control a team of four heroes -- generally a Tank, Healer, Ranged DPS, and Melee DPS. You go up against enemies and use your skills cleverly to come out victorious. Doing this nets you new gear and experience, which upgrades your combat prowess. That's not the only way to grow stronger, however.

After beating level 1-11, the Hall of Heroes opens up. Here in the Room of Ordeals, you can spend Fragments to attempt a trial for awakening your character's potential. You'll be fighting the darkness of the character you're attempting to upgrade with your team of four. It's not an easy fight so make sure you plan ahead.

If you don't have enough Fragments, you can't participate in the awakening trial at the Room of Ordeals. You can find Fragments by logging in daily, doing quests as you progress through the game, or participating in a Major Dungeon. (You could, alternatively, buy them with real money, but don't blame me when you find your bank account empty.)

King's Raid Guide How to Awaken Heroes Room of Ordeals

After you've spent your fragments and defeated the darkness of the character you're awakening, there's one last step that's oft forgotten or neglected: purification. Defeating the darkness of your character seals it into an inventory item which you can find under the Growth tab next to your Fragments and Skill Books.

To Purify the Sealed Darkness, head back to the Hall of Heroes and enter the Room of Purification. It costs Gold to purify a semi-random amount of the sealed Darkness. Because of this, Awakening characters can quickly become ridiculously expensive. If you don't have enough Gold, you can earn more by completing quests and doing missions. (Please try not to blow out your real wallet for this.)

After you've spent a ridiculous amount of gold on purification, you can finally tap the awakening prompt to bring out your character's new potential. Once your character is awakened, you'll notice they have a new set of clothes along with dramatically buffed health and attack stats. Their maximum level even increases, so it's a good idea to make sure you awaken your characters every now and again.

King's Raid Guide How to Awaken Characters Room of Purification

What are your favorite heroes in King's Raid so far? Share your teams in the comments section below!

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Published Mar. 6th 2017

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