Far Cry 4 101 Launch Trailer

Far Cry 4s 101 trailer is out, it tells you everything you need to know about the game. But mostly Elephant riding.

With Far Cry 4 to be launching soon, Ubisoft have released their get-to-know-the-whole-game launch trailer. Otherwise known as the Far Cry 4 101 Launch Trailer.

What's in the trailer?

Narrated by the DJ of Free Radio Kyrat, the trailer shows off a lot of already announced content. Such as:

  • The wingsuit.
  • Take downs from parachutes, vehicles, or stealth.
  • The reason for your return to Kyrat, this being your mother dying and you wanting to scatter her aches there. You being the play charactor, Ajay Ghale.
  • The different types of arrow tip.
  • Elephants which can be 'driven'.
  • All of Pagan Min's lieutenants, and  Mr Min himself.
  • The world you will explore, Kyrat.
  • All weapons, including the mortar, the auto cross (an automatic crossbow), and more.
  • All vehicles, including hover crafts, tuk tuks, snow mobiles, and more.
  • The new gyrocopter is also shown off a bit more.
  • Skill paths, such as elephant for damage and resistance and tiger for speed and stealth.
  • Shangri-La, and what you do there. Restoring peace via killing.
  • Pretty standard open world side quests, collecting, buying, hunting. I'm sure you know the drill.
  • The co-op mode, where another friend can jump into the same game and roam the world with together.

On the left a Tuk Tuk, in the middle a C4 detonator, and on the left a truck with may be about to explode.

Anything new?

I'm glad you asked, there is something new shown off, by the way of a competitive PvP mode called Battles of Kyrat. This is non-symmetrical multiplayer mode where one side play as the Royal Army Spiritual Force, the Rakshasa. Players on this side have special abilities, such as being able to summon animals, they have the use of different types of arrow and a teleport ability. You can also play as the local rebels of The Golden Path who use standard weapons, like machine guns or the mortar, among many others.

On the left The Golden Path, on the right the Royal Army Spiritual Force, the Rakshasa.

Far Cry 4 available on the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs. It's due for release on November 18th for North America and the UK, November 20th for Europe (mainland) and Australia, and January 22nd 2015 for Japan.

The Far Cry 4 101 Launch Trailer manages to very clearly and quickly recap many of the games features in only 8 minutes.

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Published Nov. 14th 2014

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