7 Best PUBG In a Nutshell Videos

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It's well known that YouTube is a robust and rich community where gamers come together to share footage of their craziest in-game exploits. From "Let's Play" to "What if...?" videos, gamers around the world need only press play to experience myriad games -- without even picking up a controller. 

Recently, there has been a lot of activity around the popular shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, where players are sharing footage of some of the complete craziness the game has on offer. "PUBG in a Nutshell" is a series of videos that does just that, specifically focusing on how wild the game can get -- and the lengths to which players will go to pull off some truly awe-inspiring feats. 

Here's what we found to be the seven craziest PUBG in a nutshell videos. 

Published Jul. 18th 2017

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