Postal Crosses The Line Of Too Violent For Google Play

Google draws the line on violent games on their app store by not allowing Postal to be sold on their platform.

It looks like Google has decided to draw the line of what is considered too violent for it's Android app store. Developer Running with Scissors was ready to launch Postal the survival isometric shooter on the Google Play store until they ran into a road block. This road block being Google's censorship team. It seems that Google won't allow the game to be publish on it's store due to "Gratuitous Violence".

I can see a company wanting to block certain things from being in their stores due to violence, but why specifically focus on some and not have a blanket policy? Even the developer sees as an issue.

There are many ultra violent games that have much higher fidelity than what Postal would bring to the table. The Grand Theft Auto series has been on the Google Play store for ages with no issue and this game is synonymous for gratuitous violence and other acts deemed inapropriate. As for now the developer is looking for other routes to publish their game such as the Amazon or Humble stores. 

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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