Rocket League's Newest Arena has Pillars

Rocket League will add a new virtual-reality inspired arena with pillars in June.

In the month following the addition of cross-platform play, Rocket League will be adding a new addition to their virtual-reality inspired fields: pillars. The field's pillars will split the arena into three lanes. The neon outlines on the coliseum structures create a Tron-like vibe and divide the field in the classic Rocket League blue and orange.

By June, players will have some new opportunities in game play. The pillars offer players the ability to bank shots off the colorful obstacles or use the curved tops to fly through the air for some elevated game play.

The new arena also poses a challenge to a player’s object permanence, as the ball slips between columns. The ball will dodge between pillars leaving the player with the fleeting 3-second shadow. So following the fast-paced game play could become a bit like hide-and-seek. The new Rocket League arena will continue to simultaneously dazzle and challenge even the highest rank player.


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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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