Sega to Zenimax: You're too slow!

Sega outbids Zenimax for Relic Entertainment during the THQ auction, wins by 300 grand.

The THQ property auction is finally over, and the various intellectual properties have finally been sold. The most surprising of the biding wars was between two companies. Sega and Zenimax (Owners of Bethesda).

Now that the auction is over, it's been revealed who bought what. Both Sega and Zenimax were willing to pony up over $26 million for something, but what could it possibly be?

Could it be Volition, makers of the successful Saints Row games? Nope, sorry! The answer we were looking for is Relic Entertainment! It seemed odd at first, but given the type of game Relic is known for making, Sega's interest grows more and more apparent, mainly because of Creative Assembly, a partner of Sega most famous for its Total War series.

Zenimax comes $300k short

 Sega and Zenimax were bidding against one another for Relic Entertainment, makers of the Dawn of War games which gave them such a huge fan following. The bidding ended at $26.3 million, with Zenimax in the lead, when Sega finally managed to top them with one last bid for $26.6 million dollars!



Now that it's all over, the only thing to do is sit back, wait, and see what Sega and Creative Assembly will do with their fun new toys. Still, gotta feel bad for Zenimax, missing out on a lucrative acquisition, and having it taken away.


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Published Jan. 24th 2013

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