Pokemon Game Revealed with Detective Pikachu

Pikachu stars as a detective in an all new Pokemon game that is in development for the 3DS.

Pokémon X and Y came out less than a month ago and fans waited for hours to get their hands on copies-- Nintendo sold over 4 million copies in 2 days. Both X and Y have gotten mixed reviews from gamers and critics alike but overall people seem to like the nostalgia. 

What's next for Pokémon?

According to Serebii, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are already starting to think about their next move. The new detective adventure game was revealed through the Japanese broadcasting company, NHK. The game was teased earlier in the month but NHK showed clips of the new demo during a show featuring CEO of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekaz Ishihara. 

Essentially, players will be teaming up with Pikachu to defeat an evil blue Pikachu that is by facial recognition and motion capture, which you can briefly see in this video here. This new blue Evil-Twin of sorts causes havoc and stirs up crimes that you have to solve.

You and Pikachu have certainly had your fair share of adventures up to this point, but with this new game, we will see a different side of the cute, quirky Pokémon that we all know and love. 

When will we see it?

The game, supposedly has a two-year development cycle and is expected to be ready for release in 2015. But since the team just started making the game this past summer, it's still to early to know all the details. So keep an eye out for future announcements!

Do you think this type of Pokémon game is needed or even wanted? Let's discuss below!

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Source polygon.com
Published Oct. 28th 2013

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