The creator of Gears of War blasts Nintendo for firing employee

The creator of Gears of War says he would never work for Nintendo, ever!

You may or not know, but Nintendo recently fired Chris Pranger, an employee, for talking about some key aspects of his job. Nintendo was upset that he talked about his comments on localization and fired him for appearing on the podcast.

Pranger posted on Facebook that he didn't know that the apperance would cost him his job and that post has now been deleted.

Pranger may have taken down his post, but Cliff Bleszinski went to Twitter to mock Nintendo's decision. 

Many Nintendo fans replied to the tweet and defended Nintendo's choice and stated that if Nintendo felt Pranger was in the wrong he deserved to be fired. Bleszinski tweeted to these people stating that it's sad for him to have a company that he had such fond memories of but he would never work for ever. Harsh. 

I personally always wanted to work for Nintendo, but now my thoughts have changed. What about you? Would you ever work for Nintendo?


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Published Aug. 14th 2015
  • Dustin Frisch
    Not after this, no. Plus I want to be a writer anyway. Heh

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