Just How Grand is League's "Grand Duelist"?

League of Legends' Fiora gains new defensive techniques and tactical advantages.

League of Legends' Grand Duelist, Fiora, has undergone a significant update that includes more defensive techniques and tactical moves. 

Some of Fiora's raw power is now tempered with more strategic attack moves, allowing her to aid her team in new ways and from behind the scenes.

These new abilities include:

  • Passive: Duelist's Dance
  • Q: Lunge
  • W: Riposte
  • E: Bladework
  • R: Grand Challenge

Duelist's Dance identifies and attacks enemy weak spots, dealing extra true damage, while also giving Fiora a small healing and speed increase. Once Fiora attacks a weak spot or a significant amount of time passes before she attacks one, a new weak spot is revealed.

Lunge commands Fiora to lunge in a targeted direction, hitting nearby enemies. Lunge prioritizes enemy champions and their weak spots. Cooldown is refreshed when Lunge hits an opponent.  

For Riposte, Fiora takes a defensive stance, quickly warding off damage and hard crowd control capabilities. This is followed by an attack that damages and slows down the first enemy champion she hits. Riposte stuns instead of slowing down enemies when used against hard crowd control capabilities.

Bladework increases Fiora's attack speed on her next two basic attacks. The first attack slows the target, while the second deals a critical strike.

Grand Challenge targets an enemy, increases speed, and provides knowledge of enemy vitals. When Fiora hits a weak spot, the attack deals percent max health true damage. Once Fiora hits all four weak spots or just one before her enemy dies, Fiora and her allies will be healed.  

In addition to these updates, Fiora will be bundled with her skins at a discounted rate for a limited-time only. 1796 RP for Fiora's Duelist's Dream bundle (Fiora, Royal Guard Fiora, Nightraven Fiora, and Headmistress Fiora) or 2500 RP for the champion. This deal will be available until August 11 at 11:59 p.m. 



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Published Aug. 7th 2015

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