The Best Twitch Channels of 2016


CEO of Northern Gaming, a multi-title gaming house. One of the most prolific World of Warcraft streamers still in the game, and competitive Arena-grinder. A name so large it makes it way into nearly every "Twitch cancer" wubstep mashup.

It's hard to talk about Twitch without talking about Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris. 

While his streams have certainly expanded with his viewer base -- regularly making videos and streams of off-WoW content, exploring VR, getting pranked on by men outside his window, and being half of the ever-engaging trainwreck sitcom public story of his relationship with LegendaryLea, Sodapoppin has been one of the biggest names in the game for years now, and continues his stream dominance in 2016.

If you're looking for new streamers to check out, make sure the first one down is Sodapoppin.

It always is.

Published Dec. 12th 2016

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