HearthStone is Now in Closed Beta!

You can join the closed beta by opting-in on the Beta Profile page of your Battle.net account.

In continuing with their expansion of the Warcraft franchise, Blizzard will be coming out with a new card game called HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft. The game has just entered its closed beta testing stage and is currently only available in the Americas.

During the beta you'll be able to get cards through the Practice mode, Play mode, or the Arena all for free of charge. You may also purchase card packs through Battle.net using either your Battle.net balance or one of the accepted payment methods.

To sign up, all you have to do is login to Battle.net, go to your Beta Profile page and opt-in to the HearthStone beta. Once completed, just run the System Check tool to upload your computer's stats and wait for your invite.

While it's unfortunate not everyone will immediately be able to take part in the closed beta, Blizzard hopes to launch beta testing in other regions after the initial beta launch in North America.

Published Aug. 16th 2013
  • Naba_6985
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  • shawn_6477
    just got my beta key right now about to install

  • Neifarious
    I am pumped for this game, probably gonna have to wait till it goes open beta but thats fine :P.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    We are going to start our beta key give away tomorrow. I'm pretty sure we are going to do a twitter give away for this first round of beta keys. I'll keep you guys posted! I hope you check back and see this :)
  • Bladeness2
    Have played Warcraft since 1997 back playing Warcraft: Humans and Orcs! Love Blizzard and have always been a loyal fan! Really hoping to get into the beta with a key to help do some quality assurance tests to make this game the best possible!
  • Drakenator_6885
    You gents giving away the closed beta keys for Hearthstone? I thirst for epic adventures and battles between fellow enthusiastic Hearthstone players.
  • Cody Horn
    I have been following this game from day 1 and i really hope to get on the beta D: "the 14th was my 16th birthday" btw :D
  • Xai_9534
    i thought there was beta key giveaway here o.o
  • Riemt
    I want into the Beta.
  • Mattia_3567
    no beta key give away here? i've read on blizzard news.........:( need a key :D
  • Chip1337
    I would love to be in this beta. I love WoW and I love TCG's, so I cannot wait for Hearthstone!!!

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