Fallout 4 1.5 Patch -- patchy or helpful?

Check out the latest updates from 1.5 Fallout 4 patch


Fallout 4's Survival Mode update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One


The latest update for Fallout 4, the 1.5 patch, is out of beta and here. Fallout 4 has been changed so many times since its release, and the changes keep coming.

PC users have the jump on Xbox One and PS4 gamers -- they get to download and install the update first. The update was supposed to be out in April for consoles but, now Bethseda is saying it expects the updates to be available this Friday.

Here are some things the update brought:

Helpful Updates
  • Support for the upcoming Far Harbor DLC -- the largest DLC released for Fallout 4
  • Third person camera movement -- improvements when a player is close up against the wall
  • Ada -- can be sent to a settlement without having to track her down
  • Robots -- can now act as vendors in your settlements

Survival Mode Feature Updates  
  • No More Fast Travel
  • Increased Lethality - you can deal and take more damage with more     Adrenaline
  • Adrenaline - comes with Survival Mode and is increased by every 5 kills   you get
  • Wellness: Exhaustion, Hunger, Thirst - it’s harder to survive if you don’t take care of your virtual self
  • Fatigue - comes from being tired, hungry, and thirsty, which affects your   Action Points (AP) and makes it harder to sprint
  • Saving with Sleep
  • Bed Types - depending on the bed you choose sleep time is lengthened or shortened, which affects your recovery
  • Facing the Unknown - threats are no longer displayed on the compass   unless added by a Recon scope
  • Illness & Antibiotics - Antibiotics crafted can heal current illnesses. Using chems can give you illnesses & Stimpaks aren’t a fix-all drug anymore
  • Slower Healing - In Survival restorative items like food and Stimpaks     recover your health at a reduced rate
  • Immunodeficiency - items that cleanse Rads from your body make you   tired and temporarily damage your immunity which leaves you vulnerable to illness
  • Crippled Limbs - crippled limbs won’t auto heal after combat (they’re either healed by sleep or a Stimpak)

The update isn’t perfect, though. Here are a few of the problems reported so far:

  • Fallout 4 mod issues
  • Targeting bug
  • Crashes
  • Inability to open the game
  • Power armor vanishing for no reason
  • Various issues with Survival Mode
  • Crafting station bug
  • Broken foliage and other texture issues

A few more issues were ported with Automatron and Wasteland Workshop which were the first two DLC add-ons.

It’s safe to say that these problems could carry over to the consoles. Complaints will continue to grow, but Bethseda will continue to work on and upgrade the game.

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Published May. 6th 2016

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