Pre-Game Squad Feature Coming to Battlefield 4

The Squad Join beta allows you to "create and join squads before entering the game." The highly requested feature finally makes an appearance.

Shortly after the release of Battlefield 4, in October of last year, Dice started the task of updating and patching the heavily bugged game. On their Facebook page, players wanted to know if they would get to play with their friend in a squad that they created before the match started. Dice then proceeded to tell fans that they had no plans of adding this pre-match squad feature due to the unsatisfactory performance of the feature in Battlefield 3.  

Apparently, Dice has changed its tune and wants to now offer the feature. With a post on the Battlelog they announced that players can test out the "Squad Join" feature with a beta for now.

Available on all consoles the beta allows you to "create and join squads before entering the game." The video above walks you through how the squads work in a few simple steps. I've outlined them down below.

Steps to making a Squad
  1. Create a squad, allowing friends to join and see where you are in the lobby. 
  2. Once your squad fills up and everyone is ready to play the squad leader launches the game. 
  3. After your squad enters the game it will operate just like normal squads throughout the game in the past. Sounds simple and easy enough. 
Other features to note

Once you create and launch your squad, it will stay active "as long as there are players in it," meaning if one friend decides to leave a little early you won't have to end the game for every team member. 

Also, you can join up with your friends after they've started playing. As long as their squad is an option in the menu, just click and you'll be on your way. 

The beta is available to try now on all consoles but only on the base maps of Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Rush, and Domination. We'll wait to see if the game can handle adding a new feature this late. Battlefield 4 still struggles to get all the kinks out from its messy launch. Dice has worked hard to remedy the problem and maybe this new, highly requested feature will do the trick. 

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Published May. 5th 2014

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