Are the Skullgirls Team Fortress 2 Hats Back On?

After having previously telling the fans that the Skullgirls TF2 hats were a no go, the official twitter posted this image.

Oh, Lab Zero Games, you tease! The official twitter for Skullgirls just sent out the picture above. Fans of the series were lead to believe that the Team Fortress 2 hats had been canceled, but this image seems to point to the contrary.

At the start of the Indiegogo campaign, Lab Zero Games promised fans that they would create Skullgirls themed hats for the game Team Fortress 2. Unfortunately, this idea was shot down by the development team for TF2 over at Valve due to what seemed like them having too much on their plate already.

The crypticness behind the tweet could signal two things: Skullgirls TF2 hats are already confirmed and the team is just trying to rile fans up or it's just a possibility. Given how disappointed the fans were during the cancellation the first time, though, I'd venture to guess it's a safe bet that the Peacock hat will make it into the game.

Another interesting tidbit about this hat is that, originally, the TF2 hat shown for the Indiegogo campaign was Squigly's Leviathan. Does this mean that the fans will get both or does it mean that we're getting a Peacock hat instead?

I really hope this means what I think it means. I also hope that this will be thrown back into the packs for those who donated to the Indiegogo campaign. I'm putting my trust and love into you, Lab Zero Games, gimme some of those awesome Skullgirls TF2 hats!

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Published May. 10th 2013

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